Zarkoperfume THE MUSE 100ml  Molekülparfum
Junge Frau sprüht THE MUSE von Zarkoperfume auf - Duftet wie frische Wäsche
The Muse 50 ML Zarkoperfume Molekülparfum aus Dänemark


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A MUSE inspires with its character, its charisma and its human care. The charisma of every muse is characterized by strength and personality. These characteristics are also reflected in the choice of your favorite outfit and your perfume, which underline your personality. Your Molecule perfume THE MUSE gives you a unique vibe of perfect freshness and purity. The feeling and scent of freshly washed laundry that accompanies you all day long becomes your Clean Molecule: Zarkoperfume THE MUSE

The fragrance composition:
White Oud Accord - Warm Cotton Accord - Fresh White Musk

As with all ZARKOPERFUME molecule perfumes, classic scents are not recognizable to the nose. A clearly perceptible oud accord and the warm cotton accord, however, give the fragrance its incomparably soft and warm aura. Enjoy the cozy feeling of freshly washed cotton all day long.


alcoholic | perfumes | aqua (water)

Weißer Oud-Akkord - Warm Cotton-Akkord - Fresh White Musk/Weißer Moschus

alcohol | perfume | aqua (water)



With THE MUSE, ZARKO has created an iconic clean molecular fragrance. Enjoy the scent and feeling of freshly washed laundry all day long.

THE MUSE von ZARKOPERFUME 100ml Eau de Parfum Molekülparfum
ZARKO THE MUSE 10ml Travelsize

Fragrance description for ZARKOPERFUME THE Muse

The Muse fragrance by ZARKOPERFUME is an olfactory masterpiece that caresses the senses with an irresistible freshness. It is as if the spirit of fresh, just-washed linen has been captured in a bottle to transport us to a world of purity and elegance.

At first spray, The Muse opens with a gentle breeze of citrus that blows like the wind through freshly hung laundry. The light, zesty notes convey a feeling of purity and cleanliness that immediately brings to mind fresh linens that have been left to dry in the open air. It is a scent that evokes thoughts of sunny days and puts a smile on the face.

The heart note of "The Muse" reveals a subtle florality reminiscent of fragrant bouquets lying on a freshly mown lawn. Here, delicate flowers mingle with a light, airy nuance that reinforces the impression of clean laundry. This floral accord gives the fragrance a feminine elegance and a timeless grace.

The base note of "The Muse" is a sensual embrace of warm woods and soft musks. These deeper, creamy nuances evoke the feeling of fresh, soft linen worn against the skin. It is a soothing finish that evokes feelings of comfort and security.

In summary, "The Muse" by ZARKOPERFUME is a fragrance that masters the art of olfactory composition. It exudes the soothing freshness of freshly washed laundry and weaves it with a subtle, feminine elegance. This fragrance is an ode to the purity and simple beauty of everyday life that can accompany us every day. A touch of "The Muse" is enough to transport us to the world of fresh linen and give us a feeling of well-being and comfort.


Molecular perfume from ZARKOPERFUME only develops its very own scent character when it comes into contact with your skin. Find your individual scent signature with a molecular fragrance from ZARKOPERFUME and make your aura shine.

Braune reagenzgläser, zwei stehende, runde Glasflakons mit einem goldenen Deckel und goldener Becshriftung und davor liegen zwei Glasflakons in Form von langen Röhrchen aus Glas und ebenfalls godenem Deckel und goldener Beschriftung.


Molecular perfume?

In combination with the aroma that each person individually possesses, a molecular scent creates the very own scent signature of each individual.

Learn more about molecular fragrances and their effects.

learn more about Molecule Perfume


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