The "Cloud Collection" by Zarkoperfume is a tribute to the beauty and purity of nature, inspired by the endless expanses of the sky and the Danish coast.

Discover the only perfume in the world that reacts to the mood of its wearer and even to the weather.

The new fragrance from ZARKOPERFUME

Cloud Collection No. 4

Discover the creamy and floral scent of the golden Cloud Collection No. 4 and let yourself be enchanted by the dancing gold particles.
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      The Cloud Collection molecular fragrances from ZARKOPERFUME are the pinnacle of the fragrance creations of the Danish perfumer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. With this particularly high-quality collection, Zarko has succeeded in paying homage to his Danish homeland, and not just at the level of the fragrance.

      Die Cloud No.2 von Zarkoperfume repräsentiert den Strand und das Meer an der Küste Dänemarks.
      Cloud No. 1 von Zarkoperfume. Der Duft zeigt im Ruhezustand eine orange und eine klare Phase.

      Cloud Collection molecular fragrances - also a visual highlight

      The molecular fragrances of the exclusive Cloud Collection by ZARKOPERFUME also visually underline their unique character.

      When resting in the bottle, the fragrances each show two different phases. Cloud No.2, with its light, lower phase and strong blue upper layer, represents the beach and sea of ​​the Danish coast. The special highlight only becomes apparent when the fragrance is sprayed on. Before spraying, the bottle is shaken for at least four seconds until both phases have combined to form a milky liquid.

      After spraying, you can watch how the two phases separate again. The fragrance molecules become visible for a brief moment as they settle on the bottom of the bottle. This is particularly easy to see if you hold a lamp under the bottle. The fragrance molecules then glitter in the light like little diamonds in the bottle.