Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, perfumer

"I have invested over 5 years in my studies of perfumery in order to express the unique Nordic lifestyle in the form of Eau de Parfums as molecular fragrances. My passion is to combine complex fragrance molecules with classic fragrance oils. The result is molecular perfumes that appear clear and never overloaded. Today I am the first and only Danish perfumer and I see the development and production of a fragrance as a lifelong learning process."

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      Are you looking for an extraordinary and unique fragrance that unfolds individually on your skin? Do you want your very own and unmistakable fragrance signature? At Molecular Perfume by Zarkoperfume you will find the fragrances of the Danish perfumer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, which are characterized by their special composition.

      With our molecular perfumes you can find your very own personal scent that is completely unique and unfolds individually on your skin.

      The Zarkoperfume molecular perfumes are available in the Classic Collection and the Cloud Collection .

      A special highlight is our Zarkoperfume The Muse, a fragrance that envelops you in the feeling of freshly washed laundry and warm cotton and surrounds you with an aura of freshness and cleanliness for the whole day

      Molecule C-19 The Beach from the Classic Collection is a fragrance that takes you straight to the beach. The perfect companion for warm summer days, The Beach gives you the feeling of sun, beach and a warm breeze on your skin. Quantum Molecule is a special Eau de Parfum that perfectly combines its woody note with refreshing Sicilian bergamot and gives you a fragrant energy boost.

      The classic in the range is also Zarko's first creation. The Danish perfumer also describes the Eau de Parfum Molecule 234.38 as the DNA molecule of his collection. This fragrance is the basis of each of his perfumes. It unfolds individually on your skin and, thanks to its special composition, gives your personal aura depth and radiance.

      For those who can't decide, we offer various Zarkoperfume sample sets as well as individual fragrance samples and bottles for a selection of our most popular fragrances. This way you can test in peace which molecular fragrance suits you best.

      Our Zarkoperfume molecular perfumes are available in various sizes, including the practical 10 ml size for trying out, for your handbag and perfect for travelling, as well as the handy 50 ml size. All fragrances from the Classic and Cloud Collection are available in the classic, simple glass bottle as a 100 ml Eau de Parfum spray.

      We also have a selection of fragrances for men that focus on fresh, woody notes, such as Buddha Wood , Molecule No. 8 and Quantum Molecule.

      Discover the world of individual fragrances now and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Zarkoperfume molecular perfumes.

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      Come with us on a visit to Hornbaek in Denmark, where Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, the creator of ZARKOPERFUME, develops his extraordinary fragrance creations inspired by the Danish flora and the Nordic elements. Discover the place where Zarko creates his perfume and where he has established his own fragrance factory.