As a practicing dermatologist and skin cancer researcher, Dr. Dennis Gross was unable to recommend any products to his patients for care after medical (laser) treatments that met his scientific standards, even after intensive research.
The result is complex and highly effective products that are based directly on the experience from his practice in New York, but can be used easily and safely at home.

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      Dr. Dennis Gross, the eponymous brand of the renowned New York dermatologist, has established itself firmly in the cosmetics market and enjoys worldwide recognition for its high-quality skin care products. With a strong focus on dermatological science and innovative technology, the brand has gained a loyal following and is synonymous with effective skin care.

      Fundamental to the success of Dr. Dennis Gross is the commitment of the founding couple, Dr. Dennis Gross and his wife Carrie Gross, to the beauty and health of the skin. Dr. Dennis's decades of experience as a dermatologist and researcher are reflected in every product. The brand's philosophy is based on the idea that skin care should not only target external beauty, but also the deeper layers of the skin to bring about real and lasting changes.

      Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare's product range is impressive and covers a wide spectrum of skin care needs. From anti-aging solutions to products for acne treatment and sun protection, everyone will find something to suit their individual needs. The products are characterized by the use of high-quality ingredients and advanced technologies that ensure noticeable results.

      Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads

      One product that stands out in particular is the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads . These pads have become a cult product and offer a two-step peeling treatment to improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation and smooth wrinkles. The Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads are an example of the brand's excellence in developing innovative products that are both safe and effective.

      Dr. Dennis Gross also focuses his research on protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. The brand's sun protection line offers versatile products that not only protect the skin from sunburn, but also protect it from long-term damage caused by UV rays, thus pursuing the skincare brand's anti-aging goal.

      The brand is also committed to sustainability and environmental protection by promoting the use of sustainably grown ingredients.

      Overall, Dr. Dennis Gross is an outstanding New York-based skincare brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of skincare. The products are the result of expertise and commitment to skin health, and they have proven effective in meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. With a promise to promote skin health and beauty, Dr. Dennis Gross is a brand you can rely on.