The future of fragrance comes from Denmark

Molecule perfume is composed of a special mixture of synthetic and natural fragrance molecules, which are produced in the laboratory. The unique thing about it is that the pure substance in the bottle does not yet emit a final fragrance.

Only when the perfume comes into contact with the skin, a very personal, individual fragrance develops. Considerably beyond what is the practice with conventional fragrances, your individual aura determines how the perfume develops your skin.

The secret of ZARKOPERFUME: In combination with the aroma that each person possesses individually, our molecular scent creates the very own scent signature of each individual.

Our molecular fragrances are therefore perfect for anyone who wants to emphasize his or her very personal charisma with their fragrance.

Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov

the pioneer of molecular perfume

Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov is the creative head of ZARKOPERFUME and pioneer of the new molecular fragrance development. After several years in the Danish fashion industry, he decided to make his dream come true and studied the art of fragrance creation.

At that time "Molecule Parfum" was still a completely unknown niche in the international fragrance scene. Zarko therefore wanted to make a statement in this segment with his brand ZARKOPERFUME.

By experimenting with new kinds of molecules in a gel structure, the perfumer happened to find a molecular fragrance which, when combined with water, develops a unique scent in each person. This gave rise to his DNA molecule, which since then has found many lovers in its pure and virgin form in the fragrance "MOLÉCULE 234 38" and is contained in every one of Zarko's products.

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vegan, animal-free and sustainable

All fragrances from ZARKOPERFUME are manufactured in Denmark (EU). Due to the exclusively synthetic ingredients, it is only sufficient to have the perfumes tested by a few voluntary fragrance testers. The fragrances are therefore 100% free of animal testing.

As the molecular fragrances are 100% synthetic, they are also 100% vegan. As if that wasn't enough, ZARKOPERFUME also attaches great importance to sustainability and the use of resources. With very few exceptions, which cannot be avoided, ZARKOPERUME does without additional plastic packaging for almost all products.

The packaging of the fragrances in the 100 ml original size bottles reflects the minimalist and sustainable style of ZARKOPERFUME. It consists of a matt white cardboard in cylindrical form, made from recycled cardboard tubes. It is part of the exceptional Danish perfumer's self-image to remain true to his minimalist and purist style in this area as well.

In the cosmetics industry, the term "clean beauty" is also used in this case. All of the brand's products are vegan, free of animal testing and composed of only a few ingredients for unlimited fun with fragrance without a guilty conscience.

Perfume suitable for people suffering from allergies

The ZARKOPERFUME brand stands for minimalist ingredients in expressive and extraordinary fragrances. The Signature fragrances as well as the Cloud fragrances are synthetically produced and therefore well suited for sensitive noses and sensitive skin. In case of a perfume allergy we recommend our fragrance MOLéCULE 234-38, as it does not contain any essential perfume oils.

Gender neutral perfume

The unisex molecule fragrances thus do not contain typical women's or men's scents, as they have a different effect on each individual and basically underline an individual scent of each person.

Basically the scents of Zarkoperfume can be divided into rather sweet and rather strong nuances. Rather sweet and feminine scents are the light pink PINK MOléCULE with its echo of rosé champagne and the Cloud Collection No.1.

More tart and powerful fragrances are for example Molecule No.8 or Buddha Wood.

ZARKOPERFUME - a brand of niche fragrances

The molecule perfumes of ZARKOPERFUME belong to the so-called niche fragrances, because they show extraordinary scent nuances and do not belong to the classic mainstream fragrances. The fragrances of ZARKOPERFUME are mostly without head,- heart,- and base note and consist, like MOLéCULE 234-38, of a pure molecule that adapts to its wearer in contact with the skin.

ZARKOPERFUME fragrances - Developed and produced in Denmark

All fragrances from ZARKOPERFUME are produced in the laboratory in Denmark, mixed and filled into the flacons by hand. Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov's laboratory is located just outside the capital Copenhagen and has always been the company's headquarters.

Try out ZARKOPERFUME fragrances

You can find ZARKOPERFUME stationary in private specialist shops, but also in large perfumery chains in Europe. Our experts on location will be happy to help you find the right fragrance. If you want to find your personal favorite among all the fragrances at home, we recommend ordering one of our ZARKOPERFUME sample sets.