Monom combines the ancient traditions of perfumery with modern innovation, restoring the intimacy and mystery of perfume. The collection is the result of careful work and expertise and contains unique fragrances of incomparable quality and purity - the essence of perfume.

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      MONOM was founded in 2014. The brand is the collaboration of two exceptional talents and experienced experts in the perfume industry. The founder Renato Bongiorno and the renowned perfumer Nicola Bianchi created their vision of exquisite fragrance compositions, composed of the rarest and highest quality essences.


      The expertise and absolute commitment to quality and design of the founding couple shine through in every detail of this exclusive perfume brand. All fragrances are stored in dark bottles made of polarized glass to protect the exquisite ingredients from light and air.

      The outer casing of MONOM perfumes is a Plexiglas box handcrafted in Italy. This elegant packaging protects the contents without hiding them and underlines the jewel-like preciousness of the contents.