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Durable, handmade beard brush made of pear wood and vegetable Tampico bristles - Made in Germany.

The Percy Nobleman beard brush is carefully made by hand from purely natural materials. The rounded, handleless shape made from Austrian pear wood fits comfortably in the hand. Its oiled surface is easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

The beard brush is 9 x 4.5 cm in size, so it fits comfortably in a man's hand and yet fits easily into any toiletry bag.

Why do I need a beard brush?
Anyone who wears a beard will be familiar with the small flakes that inevitably form in the beard area. The Percy Nobleman beard brush helps you reach these areas. By treating the skin with the brush, it is massaged, blood flow is increased and old cells are removed.

For the best care, first apply beard oil or beard balm and work the beard care product in with the brush.

If you have a slightly longer beard, the brush will help to smooth and shape the beard hairs before you finish by applying beard wax or styling paste.

How should the beard brush be cared for?
The brush is made of oiled wood and should therefore not be in contact with water for too long. The bristles can, however, be washed with warm soapy water and cleaned with the help of another brush. The Tampico fibers are characterized by their ability to absorb water well. After cleaning, the bristles must be allowed to air dry thoroughly.


Austrian pear wood and 100% natural Tampico fiber bristles.

Percy Nobleman

Percy Nobleman is the essence of classic British beard care tradition.
The family business not only values ​​style and a confident appearance, but also natural, pure and sustainable ingredients.

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