Time-Retreat Retinol Serie Eve Lom



From the perfect first step - cleansing - to the masks, moisturizers and treatments, EVE LOM invites you to unwind, breathe deeply and connect with the power of your skin.

Inspired by the remedies she learned from her grandmother, an herbalist, and drawing on her decades of experience as London's most sought-after aesthetician, our founder Eve Lom developed a skincare philosophy that honors the delicate balance of skin and promotes a holistic approach to skin health.


Raised in the former Czechoslovakia by her grandmother, a practicing holistic herbalist, Eve learned firsthand how to use remedies from the family garden to soothe and heal skin. After training as an aesthetician to some of Hollywood's most famous faces, Eve continued to refine the herbal formulas and massage techniques that became the cornerstone of her brand.


The elements of the EVE LOM skincare ritual are designed to nourish, hydrate, repair the skin's moisture barrier and visibly improve skin from within. All unique formulations combine lasting effectiveness with sensorial pampering and are clinically proven to provide unparalleled moisturizing benefits for hours after application.


Focusing on superior textures, natural therapeutic aromas and spa-quality botanical ingredients, EVE LOM believes that at-home skincare should be a reflective, restorative and rejuvenating wellness ritual that enriches everyday life.