PURPLE MOLECULE Zarkoperfume 100 ml Molekülparfum Eau de Parfum
Flakon 100ml Purple Molecule Zarkoperfume steht zwischen anderen Moleküldüften
Purple Molecule Zarkoperfume Flakon 100ml schwebt vor wolkigem Himmel
Purple Molecule Eau de Parfum 10 ml Zarkoperfume
Purple Molecule Eau de Parfum Molekülparfum 10ml


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Nothing is remembered as much as the summer of our lives - road trips, festivals, palm trees, adventures and unforgettable moments on the beach. Zarkoperfume has translated the essence of all these experiences into a fragrance that makes the memories palpable whenever you wear it: Purple Molecule 070·07. The unmistakable notes of dragon fruit - also called Queen of the Night -, vanilla from Madagascar and sandalwood are the main players in this multi-faceted composition that is as unique as your own personal soundtrack.


Contents: 100ml

alcohol, perfume, aqua (water), CI 70730

Your festival scent


Purple Molecule is more than just a perfume – it is a fragrance statement that underlines your individuality and sophistication.

Purple Molecule 10ml von Zarkoperfume

What does Purple Molecule smell like?

Purple Molecule by ZARKOPERFUME is an extraordinary fragrance that is difficult to put into words. It combines sensual, floral notes with woody and fruity accents to create a unique composition. The top note contains tangy citrus fruits, followed by a floral heart of beguiling roses and violets. The base note, on the other hand, is characterized by a deep, warm woody note. Overall, this results in a multifaceted fragrance that is both fresh and lively as well as sensual and seductive. The mixture of floral, fruity and woody elements makes Purple Molecule an unforgettable and unique fragrance experience that seduces and delights the senses.


Molecular perfume from ZARKOPERFUME only develops its very own scent character when it comes into contact with your skin. Find your individual scent signature with a molecular fragrance from ZARKOPERFUME and make your aura shine.

Braune reagenzgläser, zwei stehende, runde Glasflakons mit einem goldenen Deckel und goldener Becshriftung und davor liegen zwei Glasflakons in Form von langen Röhrchen aus Glas und ebenfalls godenem Deckel und goldener Beschriftung.


Molecular perfume?

In combination with the aroma that each person individually possesses, a molecular scent creates the very own scent signature of each individual.

Learn more about molecular fragrances and their effects.

Learn more about Molecular Perfume

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